Frequently asked Questions

Welcome to Brinnson Research's frequently asked Questions. Here you will find the answers to the frequently asked question about Ouchie Powder. 
Ouchie Powder bottle and packaging

What is Ouchie Powder?

Ouchie Powder is a 100% Natural Anti Septic and Anti-Inflammatory powder to help speed up wound healing.


How does Ouchie Powder work?

The natural antibiotic properties of Ouchie Powder work to prevent infection while absorbing excess blood and aiding in fast coagulation.

 For more information read about how Ouchie Powder has been scientifically tested. 


How fast does Ouchie Powder heal wounds?

The results of the test are as follows:

  • At 24 hours the Ouchie Powder had reduced the wound size by 18.3%
  • At 48 hours the Ouchie Powder had reduced the wound size by 89.4%
  • At 72 hours the Ouchie Powder had reduced the wound size by 100%


    What is Ouchie Powder made from?

    Ouchie Powder is made from a lactose powder which is a naturally derived dairy by-product that has been refined into a soft, fine, talc-like powder.


    Is Ouchie Powder organic?

    Yes, Ouchie Powder is 100% Natural pharmaceutical-grade lactose.


    What can I use Ouchie powder for?

    Ouchie Powder helps assist with some of the following ailments…

    • Stops bleeding
    • Stops pain
    • Helps relieve headaches
    • Helps relieve itching rashes
    • Helps the healing of broken pimples
    • Mix with coconut oil for joint and muscle relief


    How do I become a distributor of Ouchie Powder?

    Contact us and we will get back to you will all the details you need to start selling Ouchie Powder.


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