Progress of healing on Wound on Childs Hand

Wound on Hand

Here is an example of how Ouchie Powder help this boy with the wound on his hand.

A Picture was taken each day to show the progress. From Day 1 to Day 4.

Wounds on Knuckles covered in Ouchie Powder

Wound on Knuckles

A friend who is a chef recently had a nasty accident involving a knife and his knuckle. 

He immediately applied Ouchie Powder to the wound.  He found the bleeding stopped almost immediately. He applied a sealed dressing and when he checked the wound two days later he found that it was almost healed. 

As a self-employed chef, he avoided any downtime that would have lost his revenue. 

Progress of wound healing on head

Cut on head

Ana fell over in the bathroom and cut her head on the edge of the glass shower door.

Her Mum applied Ouchie powder, and the bleeding stopped. In the morning, they could see Ana's wound healing.

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