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Picture of Alan Smith

Having spent the vast majority of my life working with my hands and being subjected to countless cuts, grazes, scrapes and nicks through the course of my work, I became very despondent with available methods of wound treatment.

Pictured: Alan Smith - Creator of Ouchie Powder

Like everyone else who experiences a minor wound, my experience of wound treatment was generally running off to find somewhere to wash the wound, finding something to sterilize it with and then waiting around for the wound to stop bleeding enough to effectively apply a bandage. Given the frequency that this happened, I often found myself wondering why there isn’t a better way to treat wounds.

I knew there had to be a better way to treat wound, but it wasn’t until my work took me a sophisticated dairy processing facility that I had my lightbulb moment. Whilst working in a refinement area of the facility I cut my finger open. This section of the facility was where the byproduct of the processing method was delivered. The byproduct was a white powder and as I knew the powder would be thrown out due to the contamination of my blood, I continued to work. I carried on working until I had finished the job and noticed my finger was caked in the powder. I shook the excess powder off my hands and noticed that the wound has stopped bleeding and formed a scab. It appeared that the powder had absorbed and coagulated the blood at the wound site.

I bandaged my finger and two days later took it off and was absolutely amazed by how quickly it had healed. Somehow, the powder had not only helped rapidly coagulate my blood, but also contained properties that prevented infection. I immediately knew that this was the innovation I had been looking for all those years.

From that moment, I began researching the proprieties of the powder and with the help of Trinity BioActives, I began the process of scientifically testing and refining the formula that would become Ouchie Powder. With the formula perfected, the product was first trialed on animals with amazing results. Moving on to human trials, the results were again outstanding with significant and measurable healing experienced by all participants.