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The home of Ouchie Powder

Ouchie powder is a product of New Zealand sourced from the dairy products of animals raised in the most pristine environment on the planet -New Zealand.

Ouchie Powder is designed to be on hand when you need it. You can keep it in your 1st aid kit, your glovebox, your toolbox, your bag or all of the above.

Cuts, grazes, rashes and wounds can ruin a good time, but with Ouchie Powder always within reach, you’ll be able to get back to it in no time at all.

New Zealand grass near the beach

New Zealand Made

Brinnson Research is a New Zealand-owned and operated company.

The creators of Ouchie Powder.

All Ouchie Powder Products are made here in New Zealand.

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How to use Ouchie Powder