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At the moment I am using Ouchie Powder on an infected wound on my 3yr Olds ankle.

With limited access to doctors here, I thought I’d give Ouchie Powder a go.

It has turned the wound from an oozy mess which was getting bigger and bigger to being dry and on the mend within one day.

I wish I’d thought to take photos before I used Ouchie Powder, the difference is incredible.

Happy Girl smiling while resting her head on her arm at the table


I am a grandmother and whilst looking after my 5yr old granddaughter she fell over and skinned her knee I hear her yell out to me, “Nannie get the Ouchie Powder”.

This product has not only helped me but I have used it on my grandchildren also. In this instance, it helped clear up my granddaughter’s knee.

I promote it to families I know and my granddaughter like a lot of children is accident-prone and will appear with bumps and bruises. It is natural and common now for her to ask for the Ouchie Powder as it simply works.

I completely recommend this to all families.

Thank you.

Farmer looking over his land holding his hat


As a farmer, my work is fraught with injuries and potential injuries.

One day, I had a possum caught in a trap but he was not going down without a fight, the possum somehow got out of the trap long enough to make a significant amount of scratches across my arm.

These four scratches were about 10 inches long and very deep. It was quite painful and I was worried about an infection or worse… rabies. I know the smart thing to do was to go to the doctor and get treatment but if I ran to the doctor for every scratch, I would not get any work done.

Since Alan was always raving about his product I called him up and told him to get me some of his ‘miracle drug’. He explained that it was not a drug but a natural substance that did miraculous things for wounds. I applied the Ouchie Powder to most of the affected area; I did leave out two puncher wounds on the palm of my hand. I noticed that all the scratches have healed up in a few days, yet the area where I did not use the Ouchie Powder became infected.

Because I do farm work and shearing, my hands get infected very badly and this can cost me time off work. So I tried the Ouchie Powder on the palm of my hand and the infection was rapidly dealt with and the puncher marks healed quickly.

Next time I will ensure that I use Ouchie Powder on all the wounds I have immediately and cover them so that I can avoid infections from the onset.

Grandmother and Granddaughter sitting at the table drawing


I happened to scratch my leg. I initially thought I needed to go to the hospital and get stitches.

But then I remembered the Ouchie Powder I had been given.

I put the Ouchie Powder on and the bleeding stopped instantly. To my surprise, the wound healed really quickly.

Since then I have used Ouchie Powder on everything from grazes, cuts, and muscle strains.  

I even use it on my grandchildren, I have a 5yr old granddaughter who is now very vocal about Ouchie Powder and how it works.

It is a necessity in my household now as it replaces so many other medicines.

Lady with a headache sitting at the desk holding her head with her eyes closed


I used Ouchie Powder with unbelievable results!

I have had back issues for many years, I needed to have neurosurgery. I quite often struggle with back pain.

When I tried Ouchie Powder for the first time I had major lower back pain and a throbbing headache.

I rubbed Ouchie Powder into my temples and forehead before I went home. Within a few minutes (before I had left) my headache was gone. I was truly amazed!

I rubbed the Ouchie Powder into my lower back for a good few minutes after I was home. I have never had something to work so fast with such amazing results.

My headache and back pain are both gone thanks to Ouchie Powder!

Lady wearing a hat over her eyes


I used Ouchie Powder after treating my hands and face for skin cancers.

The treatment left my skin with large lesions akin to third-degree burns.

I applied Ouchie Powder in the evening after my treatment. The next morning I awoke to find the lesions had stopped weeping. By the afternoon the wounds had started to dry and harden around the edges. By that evening it had started to form a scab over entirely.

When I woke the next day, all the treatment areas had scabbed and dried.

By the following day, similar wounds had started to flake off completely, within a week I had no sign of any wound on my face at all.

When I first applied the treatment for my skin cancers there was a considerable amount of pain, upon applying Ouchie Powder the pain stopped immediately.

I am generally a slow healer and am amazed at how quickly this worked. I would not hesitate to use this amazing powder for any wound healing.

I remain grateful for the introduction to this powder even above what it has done for me, I love the fact that this wonderful healer is completely natural. I would not hesitate to recommend Ouchie Powder to any person in need of relief for wound healing.

This product is a great addition to my or any home.

Golden Retriever dog


My dog gets hot spots. The 1st time she got one I didn’t know what it was, after a $70 visit from the vet for some antibiotics and something else to help her to stop itching. A week later we were back for another $70 visit as she got hot spots again. I was told she was just one of those dogs who must be allergic to fleas (even though she didn’t have fleas).

A couple of weeks later she got another one. I don’t like the thought of anyone taking so many antibiotics, so I googled natural treatments.
I found a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water did the trick. It healed the sore, but it didn’t stop the itching, so the cone of shame was used for a few days until it was healed.

She gets them at least 3 times a year and being long-haired I can’t tell she has one until it’s quite big (3-5cm round). I’ve been using the natural apple cider vinegar now for years.

I was introduced to Ouchie Powder with amazing results.

I sprinkled the powder on her hot spot, covering all the areas I could get to; I was happy it didn’t cause her any discomfort while applying it and stopped the itching immediately. No more cone of shame!

The next morning the sore where the Ouchie Powder was applied had healed. I was able to search through her hair and apply it to the areas I missed (the puss from the sore will stick her hair together making it hard to apply the powder). I checked her sore twice a day and reapplied if I saw any weeping. The hot spot healed completely within 3 days (Would have been earlier if she didn’t have long hair).

I waited for the next round of hot spots to come so I could take some photos but she hasn’t had one for a couple of months now.

I love the fact that it is natural and it’s such a saving too! Only $30 a bottle rather than $70 for antibiotics. The little bottle of powder is still very full as I only needed to use a small amount.

So grateful for being introduced to Ouchie Powder.

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