The Essential First Aid Kit for Schools

The Essential First Aid Kit for Schools

Why Ouchie Powder should be an Essential item in your First Aid kit for schools?

It's common for children to experience accidents and injuries, particularly in school, preschool, and sports activities. To prioritise the safety and health of children, it's essential to have adequately stocked first aid kits on hand. While traditional first aid supplies are helpful, there's one item that stands out - Ouchie Powder. In this article, we'll explain why it's crucial to include Ouchie Powder in school and kids' first aid kits, and how it can be beneficial in emergencies.


What is Ouchie Powder?

Ouchie Powder is a specially formulated powder. A 100% Natural Anti Septic and Anti-Inflammatory powder to help speed up wound healing.
Ouchie Powder is designed to stop bleeding and promotes faster healing.


Why Include Ouchie Powder in First Aid Kits?

  • Fast-Acting: Ouchie Powder is a fast-acting solution that helps to stop bleeding promptly. This instant relief is especially significant in school settings where children may get distressed at the sight of blood. With this powder, kids can get back to their playful activities and enjoy running around the playground again.
  • Peace of mind: Ouchie Powder has Anti-inflammatory and Anti-bacterial properties. Disinfecting the sore as it is applied, reduces the risk of infection making it an ideal addition to any first aid kit.
  • Easy Application: Ouchie Powder is simple to apply, even for young children. It can be sprinkled or puffed onto the affected area, creating a protective barrier that prevents contamination and reduces the risk of infection. The ease of use makes it an excellent choice for teachers, preschool staff, and sports coaches, as they can administer first aid swiftly and efficiently.
  • Non-Invasive Solution: Unlike creams or ointments, Ouchie Powder doesn't require rubbing or touching the wound directly. This non-invasive quality reduces the chances of further aggravating the injury or causing additional pain. Moreover, the powder is suitable for children with sensitive skin or allergies, as it doesn't contain harsh chemicals or potential allergens.
  • Encourages Independence: Ouchie Powder empowers children to take control of their own first aid needs. As they become familiar with the powder's application, they can learn to self-administer in minor situations, promoting independence and confidence. This can be particularly valuable in school environments, where empowering children to care for their minor injuries fosters self-reliance and a sense of responsibility.



When it comes to first aid for children in school, preschool, and kids' sports settings, Ouchie Powder proves to be an invaluable addition to first aid kits. Its fast-acting, Anti-inflammatory and Anti-bacterial properties, easy application, non-invasive nature, and encouragement of independence make it an ideal solution for addressing minor cuts, scrapes and grazes. By including Ouchie Powder in first aid kits, we prioritise the well-being and comfort of our children, ensuring that their minor injuries receive prompt care. Let's make Ouchie Powder a staple in every school, preschool, and kids' sports facility, providing a reliable and effective tool to comfort and heal our little ones when they need it most.

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